Teverga and the Path of the Bear

The region of the Path of the Bear, the Camín Real de la Mesa and the Ubiñas Park stands out for the conservation of its natural and social life

The Natural Park of Las Ubiñas-La Mesa comprises a territory of mountain with relief of pronounced contrasts, from which rises, near the border with Leon lands, the Peña Ubiña massif, the second highest mountain of the region after the Peaks of Europe, with altitudes above 2,400 meters. Located in the most southern and central sector of Asturias, it integrates the lands of the councils of Lena, Quirós and Teverga included in the Regional Reserve of Hunting de Somiedo.
The beech forest is the dominant forest formation, with more than seventy percent of the wooded area, but neither are oak, carbayedos and birches, chestnuts and acebales. Above the upper limit of the forest are extensive areas of pasture, used ancestrally by the residents of Quirós and Lena and even by herds of transhumant merinas from Castilla, Leon or Extremadura.